Best SEO San Diego Case Studies

Welcome to best SEO San Diego successful Case Studies from a few of our clients with business in very different industries. Using selected keyword phrases we helped them gain organic ranking in the major search engines using organic SEO and Google Adwords.  

The SEO services we provided – we added and improved the content and researched the keywords that were driving traffic in their industry – improved overall organic growth and R.O.I.  Our SEO services work well with any industry.

SEO Case Studies for Lifeionizers Websites is one of the world’s leading website and competitive analysis programs around.

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Some examples of desired keywords for, &

Top Water Ionizer  (competition 513 K | dir /portal 3) Ranked Top Positions on Googles 1st page above Dir/Portals) is also ranked on this page.

Best Ionizer Water Machine  (competition 421 K | dir /portal 3) Ranked Top Positions on Googles 1st page above Dir/Portals)

Best ionizer Machine  (competition 533 K | dir /portal 3) Ranked Top Positions on Googles 1st page above Dir/Portals)

Best Water Ionizer  (competition 519 K | dir /portal 3) Ranked Top Positions on Googles 1st page above Dir/Portals)

The graphs below show the result of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for and their family of websites.

Google Webmaster Tools Reporting for

Best SEO San Diego CA

Best SEO San Diego California

Lifeionizers Testimonial

“Todd and the team at best seo San Diego are amazing. When they started, our company blog had a google position in search of 180 – we were getting next to zero organic traffic. Today, our average position in search is 3.3 and traffic is spiking! It’s high quality traffic too, sales are up. Since starting SEO services with  on 6.15.2015, the organic growth for the family of Lifeionizers websites online has been over 1400%

I truly believe we might have gone under if we hadn’t have found Todd Krasovetz and best seo San Diego, CA. If you’re serious about organic traffic to your site, I highly recommend getting in touch with them”

– Leo M. Lifeionizers IT

Featured Case Study | Fertile

Increased Ranking, ROI through powerful SEO

Google Webmaster Toots & Analytics Reporting for from Feb 20-March 18, 2015.

Best SEO San Diego

A Few of the Desired Keywords (click below to see live results in Googles first page)

Fertility Center San Diego CA  (Competitors 398K | dir/portal 3) Ranked first page.

Fertility Centers in San Diego (Competitors 137K | dir/portal 2) Ranked first page.

leading fertility center in San Diego (Competitors 538K | dir/portal 2) Ranked first page.

Top IVF Doctor San Diego (Competitors 844K | dir/portal 2) Ranked first page.

San Diego Top IVF  (Competitors 464K | dir/portal 2) Ranked first page.

* Google See Inside Client (Click Image to see this service LIVE)

Best SEO San Diego

Featured Client Testimonial

In the last 4 weeks, due to the SEO and website design team at Best SEO San Diego CA our Google web search result on  has grown 1800% (and we are ranked high on the first page. These are actual clicks onto our website. More importantly, user visiting our website has increased 152%  The new websites and word press websites  created has had an immediate benefit and ROI for our company. Our click conversion ratio, keyword ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing, and the time users explored our website, has dramatically increased  as well . The team at KC is strongly recommended”

P. Hurley-Vice President | Fertile/ RSMC Fertility

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Four Season Sunrooms Case Study

In October of 2010, David Cain, the owner of Four Seasons Sunrooms needed a solution to get his company more traffic, higher visibility and greater R.O.I.  Glad to say, we did just that.

Best SEO San Diego

Look below at Four Seasons Sunrooms Google “organic” ranking and click the link to see it live on the SERPS.

Click Here to see the LIVE ranking on Googles 1st page.

Featured Testimonial by Four Seasons Sunrooms Ownership

Todd and his team at  Best SEO San Diego have done an outstanding job and helping Fourseasons Sunrooms increase traffic through effective SEO and content development. We have seen a increase in visibility and traffic under a variety of keywords in hard to rank markets. If your a large company looking for a competent SEO and website design firm, with proven results, I strongly recommend Best SEO San Diego”.                                                             

                              David Kain- Owner | Four Season Sunrooms

Why Our Online Services Can Make Your Business Skyrocket in Any Market


Back in September 2015, the broker/owner for REMAX/Penny Realty in San Diego CA, needed to change from his existing SEO company. Part of our services was to update the existing website code to be more search engine friendly.

Onsite Optimization

This onsite optimization process, coupled with strong offsite optimization, social media, PPC and video marketing, made his website blossom in the SERPS and drastically increased ranking. With a combination of Google Places, Video Marketing, and good old fashion SEO, Greg saw a dramatic increase in traffic and r.o.i.

Alexa Ranking Report for REMAX

Best SEO San Diego

Featured Testimonial by REMAX/ Penny Realty Ownership

“Since I have been a client, the visibility of my company website and consistent leads every day,  has drastically increased out the bottom line. I know it may sound too good to be true, but the online business generated from Best Seo San Diego ’s SEO and website design continue to allowed my company to see positive gains even in a down market.

Internet Leads

The internet leads are quality ones too! I initially came on board to have a website designed for my business but decided to get a PPC/Seo, a mobile app, and have my business appear in the “See Inside” of google’s places/local listing. Thanks Again the best !!

                                                                      –   Greg F. | Owner

SEO Case Study for Military & Veterans Websites

Increased Ranking, ROI and SEO

Welcome to our SEO Case Study for Military & Veterans Websites by Best SEO San Diego. We offer SEO, & Web Design Development solutions that create immediate results in the SERPS for our clients.

The below graph shows the increase in “Organic ” growth on the major search Engines like Google.

Best SEO San Diego

Keywords: High 1st Page Ranking on Google

OMA is ranked for many similar keywords.